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A new way to purify your air

When you have a Pure-Light bulb turned on in your home or business you're providing another line of defense against a whole host of undesirable pathogens such as deadly bacteria and mold, chemicals and deadly gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and pesticides. In addition to this, Pure-Light bulbs also help to deodorize your home from most common household odors like pet smells, strong food scents, smoke of any kind and musty smells. 

Pure-Light technology has even proven effective at increasing the growth of plants in indoor environments, particularly in greenhouses, while at the same time helping to control mold and moisture.  

Neutralizes contaminants at the molecular level

A unique proprietary formula of naturally occurring Titanium-dioxide is the foundation for which the Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® Technology is based on. Titanium Dioxide is a non-toxic white powder found in almost every shovelful of earth throughout the planet.  Scientists discovered in the late 1960s that it was the reaction of Titanium Dioxide to sunlight and ultraviolet light that produced super-oxygen molecules that literally cleaned the air of toxic fumes, pollution, and is one of the main reasons we have clean, fresh smelling air to breathe. 

Works with the visible light spectrum. No harmful ultra-violet light required.

Performs 7 functions for the Environment:

  1. Helps Eliminate Odors (pet odors, chemical smells, cooking odors, even skunk odors)

  2. Helps Eliminate Mold and Mold Odors (musty mold smell).

  3. Helps Eliminate Smoke, including Cigarette and Cigar Smoke, tobacco odors, burnt food smoke and odors.

  4. Helps Eliminate Harmful and Deadly bacteria and viruses (including Flu & Cold viruses, MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and many, many more...see lab studies)

  5. Helps Eliminate Dangerous and Deadly chemicals from the air including Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and Pesticides.

  6. Helps Eliminate indoor and outdoor air pollution such as Smog and heavy hydrocarbons.

  7. Helps plants grow faster and healthier. Even helps cut flowers last longer.



Hear how our lights have helped others

Oxygen level boost
"Just a follow up story on the three people I gave two light bulbs to for the smoke here in Spokane. The older 90-year-old couple, they have oxygen throughout their house. Over the last week,  she had stopped sneezing, where she keeps sneezing everytime she enters her upstairs bedroom. She didn't sneeze at all this week! She was amazed! Also, she monitors his oxygen levels. He had an increase of almost 20% over the usual increase that he has. So, say he had 90/100, he was getting 98/100 saturation rate in his oxygen level. So, she was sold just because of those two items."
-Justin, Washington
August 28, 2018


Permanent wave solution

“I was wanting to do my own test, to prove it to myself. I am a hair dresser by trade, for 50 years… I have a dear friend…I gave her a perm…at 1:15 when I was through, I took a picture of the clock and I shut my room up…with one light bulb, no fresh air coming in. There was a ceiling fan and one light bulb in there. It is wonderful in here. There is no smell of permanent wave. I didn’t know if it would be quicker, slower, or longer, or however it might take. I am happy to say that I ran my own test and it took all that smell out of there with the permanent wave solution with one light bulb. So, thank you Pure-Light!"
April 5, 2018



Cigarrette smoke in the house and hotels

“My wife and I have a bad habit of smoking of course but, we don’t smoke anywhere in our house but in our office. That’s the only place we smoke. We have an exhaust fan in that room also. So, when we do smoke, we suck all of the smoke out and it still smells good, right? Wrong! It still smells like cigarettes. We will wash the walls down with ammonia…to get the smell out of there but, the smell is still there. So, we get the bulbs…leaves them on overnight, she comes back in 18 hours later and the cigarette smoke is completely gone. So, they work…you know how hard it is to get cigarette smoke out of anything…I travel a lot…when I go into a room where they allow you to smoke, of course, it smells. So, I am changing out the light bulbs…when I come back, I am sure the room is going to smell even better.”
January 23, 2018


Energy efficient - Uses far less energy than traditional air purifers

In addition to the Pure-Light coating on our bulbs, we use LED bulbs to ensure your lights will last far longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Many of our bulbs have a run time of no less than 13 years based on 3 hours of daily use. This helps ensure you experience the Pure-Light difference for as long as possible.

If you haven't already switched to using LEDs then you'll be pleased to learn that a major benefit of using them is the low power consumption. Our most popular product, a regular non-dimmable light bulb runs at 9.5 watts yet is equivalent in brightness to a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb.


The Pure-Light Super-Oxygen light bulbs, and surface coating technology... have repeatedly shown the ability to kill all harmful viruses and bacteria that it has been tested against within hours on surfaces and in the air within 10 ft of the bulb and a coated surface when exposed to a light source, with the PLT bulbs actually being the light source.  (see lab reports and research)

The Super-Oxygen technology has been shown to kill SARS viruses, which Coronovirus is related to. And so the answer is a very probable YES, though it has not been specifically tested against the Coronavirus.