Customer Testimonials

Cigarette smell 

"My office is next to my boss's office and he is a chain smoker. Even though I have air purifiers in my office it still smells like cigarette smoke all of the time. In desperation I replaced the bulbs in my office with the Pure-Light bulbs. Now, when I come into my office in the morning it smells like stale cigarette smoke. After turning them on about an hour or so, the smell is gone. God bless you. I am trying to get permission to start leaving the lights on in my office all night so that even in the morning it smells clean."
- R. Laird, Tennessee

Fumes, skunk, cooking smells

"I am so thrilled! I got the 'Pure Light' light-bulbs in this afternoon, finally! About an hour ago I put 6 bulbs in. 1 in the bedroom, 1 in the bathroom, 2 in the hallway and 2 in my laundry room. Coincidentally, I have been doing laundry all afternoon and what a difference, wow!! So glad I got them. I was a bit skeptical, not knowing what to expect, but they are worth every penny!  Thanks Diane, for telling me about them!!!  It is like the middle of a lovely summer day in here.  Fumes leave very quickly. We got skunk scent here for the first time I have been here, and now that smell is gone (it still smells outside though). People's cooking smell in the hallway, which finds its way in here too, that is gone. Well I am impressed!!! And all the other invisible benefits we read about....that is very good!  My kitties are looking around happier and my plants, I am sure will love it!  These light bulbs are cool to touch, so it will be great in the summer time, since my regular bulbs give out lot of heat and the unhealthy fluorescent or the energy saver / spiral ones are really bad for us, so I do not used those, never did." 
- Alena, Canada

Pet odor

"Hello- I would like to provide this testimonial as to the effectiveness of the PURE-LIGHT (PLT) light bulbs. I will preface this by saying the bulbs were first installed while my wife was out of town for a few weeks. The PLT bulbs replaced “normal” LED 9 watt light bulbs and located in a bathroom (where litter boxes are located) and family room (where the dog spends 18 hours per day).  We have multiple cats (& one dog) and the resulting background odors associated with pets. The PLT were initially left on overnight for a couple nights and then for 2-3 hours per day. I noticed an immediate reduction of odors overnight and pretty much elimination of odors within one day. My wife returned from her trip and was amazed by the reduction of odors. I had a friend who wanted to try out the PLT bulbs, so I removed my bulbs & installed the normal LED bulbs. My wife walked into the house that night (following a 12 hour shift at the hospital) and immediately asked where “her” PLT bulbs were and “asked” me to re-install immediately. That was proof enough for me as to the effectiveness of the PLT technology." 
-Troy, Ohio

"I am so thrilled with these lightbulbs.  I ordered 12 last night through a friend of mine who has seen great results with hers.  She allowed me to take 2 home from her order.  Upon arriving home I found out my plumbing had backed up and there was a sewer smell throughout my home, primarily in the kitchen.  I put a bulb in one of the kitchen sockets and left it on all night.  When I awoke this morning and went into the kitchen, there was no more stench!  I was so impressed I called and increased my order to 18 bulbs so, I can gift some and put them throughout my home.  I am so grateful for this new technology."
- Hope H., California

Allergen relief and wood smoke 

"We put bulbs in the 5th of January this year. We put them throughout the house and for years, 15-18 years we have had these big air purifiers that use ultra-violet light. You have to leave the home when you use them, and they are in our main living area which is large. They are also in the basement and we run them 24/7 and they will do up to 3,000 square feet each. We have used them for many, many years 24/7. We got the bulbs and put them in, just a few days we noticed the air was fresher. In two weeks, one evening we sat here in the living room and my wife said she couldn’t believe that she was breathing better than she had in years! She has been sensitive to allergens and those types of things. The biggest thing is that we have large living areas, 30x30, big ceilings and we burn an air type stove and have for 20 years, a wood stove. We have a large, cloth, sectional, and my wife has been asking me for years to get rid of the stinking sectional. They are expensive and haven’t moved on it yet. After two months, she did the sniff test on the couch and told me that she couldn’t believe it, there wasn’t a trace of wood stove smoke smell. We burn wood up until the last two weeks. It is amazing to see what this product does and saves us about $3,000. We are excited and told a ton of people about it. We love the bulb, we have 15-18. The kitchen, bathroom is on 24/7, the basement we went down there 2-3 weeks after we put the bulbs in and noticed a difference. We are more than happy with this product." 

- Tim, Ohio. 
May 22nd, 2018

Chicken egg laying
"I just want to share a little testimonial with you today. Some may call me a crazy chicken lady and I am fine with that!! We received our bulbs a couple of weeks ago and immediately put some to work in our home. I have 18 laying hens that I spoil and love. They provide us with more eggs then we can use so we share with family and friends. Manitoba winters are very cold and there are days that my hens cannot go out due to -35 and colder temperatures. My hens tend to lay less eggs during the winter due to being inside the coop. The coop also tends to get a little stinky due to minimal fresh air that goes in during these cold days. I thought I would try a bulb in my coop to see if I would notice a difference with my girls. During summer months I have 95-100% productivity, winter months less than 50%. Well let me tell you by changing the light bulb I had in my coop with a Pure-Light I am seeing 80% production within just a couple of days and the bonus is my coop is less smelly after a couple weeks! My girls are happy, and we are getting more, stronger shelled eggs!! We all love our Pure-light!!"
M. Courcelles
February 6th, 2018. 

No green thumb
"I simply love the lights. When we received our light bulbs in  November some of my house plants were dying. Since I'm not a green thumb, I was excited when within a week, of replacing our lights, my plants come alive 
again. I have a small tropical tree I keep inside the house. Before the lights it would lose its leaves and looked sickly. Now with the lights it's a new tree. I think the tree is excited to be alive! I also enjoy sitting under the 
lights. They seem to bring an uplifting feeling!"

-Bevonne, Mount Pleasant, Utah
August 23, 2018

Finally able to enjoy a Christmas tree
"Having allergies and asthma for decades, I know my asthma triggers like clockwork and one of my issues is with mold. I was unable to enjoy a live Christmas tree for decades as it was one of my worst triggers. The moment I am in same room with live tree, I start to wheeze and sneeze. So, I was going to put Pure-Light to the test. I bought a beautiful live tree and before we even got tree decorated, I couldn't breathe. Installed Pure-Light and was amazed, my wheezing stopped in less than 30 minutes! I sit right next to tree and as long as light is on, I have no issues with my Asthma. As a skeptic, I would switch the light on and off a dozen times and each time was the same, in less than 30 minutes I would go from wheezing and sneezing to relief over and over again. Needless to say, when you can prove it to yourself over and over with a flick of a switch, I am a believer now! Thank you Pure-Light, can't wait for your other products and commercial applications.
-Mike Sullivan
January 25, 2018

Breathing better with COPD
"Pure-Light is awesome because of the fact that we got a cold and recovered in half the time! We've had a smoker in the basement for 5 years and the light, within 3 to 5 days..... all the smoke is gone! Plus, she has COPD, said she is breathing better and has more energy! WOW! I will be joining soon this week."
Ron Kolody
March 25, 2018

Happy tenent, no funky cabinet
"No more funky cabinets! I have really old kitchen cabinets that my landlord won't replace. I've tried everything to get the musty smell out, especially under the sink. Nothing has worked. So, I tried the Pure-Light bulbs. I figured what have I got to lose? I put them in my pole lamp and put it in the kitchen. Left the lights on for about 5 hours one afternoon and a few hours the next day. Musty smell completely GONE! I kept sniffing and sniffing. Nada! Zilch! Odor Gone!"
-Joann Caruso
March 21, 2018

Hot wax smoke, cat allergies
"I have had a cough for a long time especially if I was in the basement for several hours and sometimes I also got headaches. When we got the bulbs and left them on 24-7 in the basement only after a 
couple of days, I no longer smelled the mold and no longer got headaches or a cough. My husband was diagnosed with COPD and had to use inhalers but now with the bulbs he very rarely has to use the inhalers.  One day my husband was melting wax, as he is a candle maker. He got the wax to hot and it smoked up the basement but with the bulbs with in a half hour the smoke and smell was gone.  We have a cat and a lady who is allergic to cats. She stayed over night and didn't have a reaction to the cat like she had after being around cats in other people's home.​"

-Lois Anderson
August 27, 2018

Burnt dinner
"I was frying potatoes and went downstairs forgetting about them. When I came up the stairs I could smell the burnt potatoes. I remembered someone telling us about burnt pizza. Since they were already burnt, I turned up the heat so I could really test these lights for myself. I took the lid off the pan to let all the smoke out. I stood there watching the smoke go right up to the lights and the smell going away. I was amazed! I think everyone should try it - it really made me a believer. When my husband got home he had no idea I had burnt dinner!"
-Bevonne Crookston
August 23, 2018

White, dusty powder on Ozone machine
"I have a machine air purifier that costs over $500.00 and have had it for 15 years. It uses Ozone and ionization and the machine uses high voltage on a plate that produces the Ozone. We have two cats and a dog and our home does not smell but due to the cats using the litter box, we get white, dusty powder on the plates, also on the machine after 30 days. I installed a bulb where the machine is at, for the last three weeks, I have not seen any white crust or anything on the machine!"
Robert Cotton
June 12, 2018



Here at the West Clinic we have some of the sickest people in the world walk through our doors. We have been searching for ways to limit bacteria and viruses, to protect our patients, their family members and our medical team.

What we found are two revolutionary new products, PLT (Pure-Light Technologies) anti-bacterial light bulbs and anti-bacterial wipes.

According to independent lab tests they have been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold… including MRSA, E-COLI, STAPH, CRE, Salmonella and other diseases...even those viruses and bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. Additionally, the Pure-Light light bulbs last up to 20,000.00 hours and the antibacterial wipes for one year.

All we did is replace the light bulbs in our clinic with the new Pure-Light anti-bacterial/anti-pollution/anti-allergen light bulbs, and use the new Pure-Light anti-bacterial/anti-allergen surface wipes. We wipe down everything…our counters, door handles, light switches, faucets, and medical equipment, everything that will help reduce bacteria or viruses.

Besides adding the anti-bacterial and anti-allergen protection, we find that odors are reduced and surfaces are easier to clean.

We are using the Pure-Light anti-bacterial light bulbs and surface wipes because we want to:

  • Protect our patients and their families
  • Provide a safer work environment for our medical team
  • Have a cleaner, fresher smelling facility
What we discovered is an economic way to provide added protection for healthier, happier patients and that gives us added peace of mind.

Dr. Jason West