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1-THE LIGHT MUST BE ON FOR THE BULB TO WORK. It takes about 45min once the light is on for the photocatalytic action to start. (for the super-oxygen molecules to start to be made).

1a- THE 9 WATT BULBS SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH A 3 WAY OR DIMMER SWITCH.  We will have a dimmable bulb coming out in Jan or Feb. 

2- A FAN IS NOT NEEDED TO CIRCULATE THE AIR. The super-oxygen molecules reach out from the light bulb to about the distance of 8 feet. Of course, the closer things are to the light the better. Also, the air naturally circulates near and around the bulb. However, a fan might help the process go faster.

3-THE BULBS CAN BE USED WITH LAMP SHADES. The air does need to be able to circulate around the bulb, which at the same time, allows the Super-Oxygen molecules to circulate out also.

4-THE MORE BULBS IN A ROOM---THE BETTER. 2-3 of the 9 watt bulbs seem to work the best in a room 15 ft x 15 ft. (average kitchen). In my kitchen I have 10 bulbs. In my bathroom I have 4 bulbs.

5- BULBS MUST BE OPEN TO THE AIR TO WORK. Putting bulbs in a sealed cover doesn't do any good, they must be open to the air. For those lamps that have such covers, we will be introducing a product that customers will be able to coat their own lamp covers, (thus making them Pure-Light active) in January.

6- CLUB MEMBERS CANNOT APPROACH "STORES"  (PHYSICAL BRICK AND MORTAR STORES)  that have more than 2 locations,  and club members cannot approach Internet based businesses (like Amazon). 

7- THE PLT LIGHTS ARE CLASSED AS "FULL SPECTRUM" DAYLIGHT COLOR LIGHTS.  Because they are full spectrum and the same color as "Natural Daylight", they have all colors with emphasis on red, yellow, and green light (between 480-680 na wavelengths).

8. UNPRECEDENTED 10 YEAR WARRANTY--PURE-LIGHT BULBS ARE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY and therefore Pure-Light can offer a 10 year warranty on their A19 bulbs. No receipt is needed.  Though the bulbs are nearly unbreakable, they can be broken.  If the outside of the bulb is damaged, then the warranty is voided.

Let's talk long term benefits of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic action.  TiO2 has been around, oh, ever since God created the earth. (Or, if you are a Darwinist, a whole lot longer.)  It has been  "Nature's" Primary way of cleaning and detoxifying the atmosphere from harmful and deadly chemicals, gasses, bacteria, molds, and viruses for several thousands to millions of years.   It's one of the main reasons that we are not swimming in toxic fumes and deadly diseases.  There are those scientists that would venture to say TiO2 is THE PRIMARY reason, even superior to the cleansing of the atmosphere by plants.   Our Toxic Lives:  One of the big problems  we have with our current buildings, is that we make them so air tight, that the toxins that we have brought into the house can't get cleaned by the outside TiO2 Catalytic action.  And so we seal ourselves into our homes and businesses with our toxic fumes, molds, viruses, bacteria, etc.  and we wonder why we are sicker today than our great grandparents were 100 years ago...who spent most of their time outside in the clean fresh air...air cleaned and purified by the TiO2 Catalytic action. in essence, all Pure-Light is doing is bringing a little bit of Nature's detoxifying system into our homes and businesses to help clean the air we breathe...just like outside.  

10. WARRANTY...  We have paid a lot of money to have a higher quality of bulb.  If a bulb does burn out or doesn't work, then we need the broken bulb sent to us so we can verify that it is broken and we can send it to the manufacturer for a replacement.  When we receive the broken bulb, we will ship out the replacement. A purchase receipt is not required...just send us the broken bulbs. 

11. COMMISSIONS...   are calculated at the end of the month.  Therefore, if a person signs up as a customer, but then sponsors a club member...if they become a club member before the end of the month, they will receive the Cash Rewards for the purchases of that person for that month.

12. PLT OFFICE STAFF ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SIGN PEOPLE UP... Too many people have told their prospects that they were too busy to work with them to sign them up, and so to call up the office and the PLT staff would do the work.  At this time, Policy has been implemented that prohibits PLT staff from signing people up.    

Pure-Light vs Ultraviolet Light Sanitization.  
  • Pure-light makes no claims concerning being used as a treatment or cure of any kind for any disease
  • Pure-Light is the only light that uses Super-Oxygen technology....where actual super-oxygen molecules are produced by the bulb.
  • It is the Super-Oxygen molecules that provide the sanitizing action, not the light itself
  • Pure-Light does not produce, use, or need to use Harmful Ultraviolet light.
  • Ultraviolet light is deadly to all life forms for a variety of reasons. Including animal life and plant life.  Because of this it is used as a sterilizing action in some instances.   The long term negative effect of Ultraviolet light is well documented.  The problem is that it damages/kills good cells as well as bad cells. Please note also that it is only partially effective in sanitizing because it only destroys the cells that the light "contact."   Bacteria in the shadows are not affected by Ultraviolet light.  
  • In comparison, Pure-Light distinguishes between good "cells" and bad "cells" having an effect only on bad cells.  Additionally,  plants love the super oxygen and grow faster and healthier with it's presence, and the Pure-Light action can sanitize deadly bacteria hiding in the shadows. 

"The harmful effects from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be classified as acute or chronic. The acute effects of UV-A and UV-B exposure are both short-lived and reversible. These effects include mainly sunburn (or erythema) and tanning (or pigment darkening). The chronic effects of UV exposure can be much more serious, even life threatening, and include premature aging of the skin, suppression of the immune system, damage to the eyes, and skin cancer. 

Ultra-violet light is an effective method of sanitation. Ultraviolet lamps are used in sewage treatment plants, hospital clean rooms and many other areas where killing bacteria, viruses and spores is crucial. Ultraviolet light kills cells by damaging their DNA. 

The light initiates a reaction between two molecules of thymine, one of the bases that make up DNA. UV light at this wavelength (shortwave UV or UVC) causes adjacent thymine molecules on DNA to dimerize. The resulting thymine dimer is very stable. If enough of these defects accumulate on a microorganism's DNA its replication is inhibited, thereby rendering it harmless. The longer the exposure to UVC light, the more thymine dimers are formed in the DNA. If cellular processes are disrupted because of DNA damage, the cell cannot carry out its normal functions. If the damage is extensive and widespread, the cell will die. 

However, ultraviolet light is only able to harm cells that it contacts. Even a small crack can hide spores in its shadow, keeping them safe from the UV. And although UV light is also harmful to people (it damages our DNA too!) - as long as we stay out of direct exposure - it is possibly a better alternative to some of those other nasty chemicals out there."