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PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  is a subsidiary of Total Solar Technologies, LLC with manufacturing facilities located in Rigby, Idaho.

Pure-Light was formed in 2014 after helping to develop a way to seal a transparent coating of a newly developed TiO2 enhanced formulation (that allows for the TiO2 photocatalytic action in low light) that would last up to 10+ years on light emitting devices. Pure-Light Technologies has filed a patent pending application on the process.

The name was changed from Total Solar Super Green to Pure-Light Technologies, Inc. in October of 2015. Pure-Light is currently setting up a large scale manufacturing center in Rigby, Idaho and is planning to begin major national advertising.

Pure-Light  Technologies, Inc. is growing explosively and the executive staff will be growing and changing almost weekly. This website
may not be current. 

Roger Young is CEO/President of Pure-Light Technologies, Inc. and is CEO of Total Solar Technologies, LLC
Jeanne Kraus: DIRECTOR/Human Resources  
David Baca: DIRECTOR/Commercial Sales
Rob Black: DIRECTOR/Retail Sales
Dexter Carr: DIRECTOR/ Media & Marketing
Troy Butler: DIRECTOR/Procurement/Testing
Bill LoBell: DIRECTOR/Commercial Sales-Pet Industry
Jonathon Miller: CFO