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What is the PLT Rewards Club?

The PLT Rewards Club is designed in order to reward those who like the benefits that Pure-Light bulbs have provided them and would like to earn points in order to receive more bulbs, simply by introducing them to those that they know. Family, friends, co-workers to name but a few, as after all, who wouldn't want to tell those that are important to them about the many benefits that these bulbs have to offer and, should they be satisfied, they too are eligible to earn points by introducing Pure-Light to the people in their life.

Should you wish to join the Rewards Club, a one time fee of $10 is all it takes. If that's not to your liking, simply put the Rewards Club item in your cart, spend over $30 on bulbs with your first order, and the $10 fee will be automatically waived.

How Points are allocated

With this membership you will receive the ability to earn PLT Bonus Points off of purchases made from those you have referred to Pure-Light Technologies. This is done in one of two ways; when someone you have referred is about to place an order, they simply enter in your account ID before they make a purchase. Once you have joined the Rewards Club, you will receive your account ID via the email you provided as well as a unique web address that your referrals can go to for placing an order.
Once at your unique account website, e.g. www.userID.pure-light.com all orders placed through there will automatically be registered for you and you will see PLT Bonus Points in your account after purchases have been made.


  Purchased via your unique rewards site e.g. www.userID.pure-light.com  Purchased via www.Pure-Light.com
Join Rewards Club                                  Points received                           Points received (as long as your user ID is entered into the 'Who referred you?' section.                                 
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Points received 
                                                      Points not received


 Orders between the following amounts receive the corresponding percentage discount off plus free shipping on all orders over $200

* orders between $100 and $199.99 receive a 5% off 

* orders between $200 and $299.99 receive a 7% off 

* orders between $300 and $499.99 receive a 10% off 

* orders over $500 receive a 15% off discount on the entire order.

2. Earn Bonus points for everyone you refer who places an order, 20% for each order

Click here to join the PLT Rewards Club