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Temporary Introductory pricing... (June 2021 only)



2 day Commercial Distributorship Certified Coating Training. 
Becoming a certified Pure-Light® Distributor/Commercial Coating Specialist  Level 1 means that you have access to Pure-Light® products at special commercial prices, you are able to solicit and accept commercial contracts, and apply the various Pure-Light® Coating products everywhere except military and hospital locations. 

  • Training sessions will be held from time to time at various locations. 
  • Arrangements can be made for a training session in a specific area.
  • Discounts can be given for large groups of attendees. contact PLT for more information.  
Trainee will leave with 
  1. (1) liter of Hard Surface Coating Formula Level 1
  2. (1) Sprayer with 0.8" nozzle 
  3. Training materials 

After successfully completing training, attendees will be classed as a PURE-LIGHT AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR   - CERTIFIED  COMMERCIAL COATING SPECIALIST  CCS1 and will be able to advertise as such.   
  1. Attendees must be Approved before attending and pay all fees 2 weeks before attending so that proper arrangements can be made. 
  2. Attendees must have NDA and Commercial Contract signed and returned before the training begins. (could be at the beginning of the training.) 
  3. Training will be at a designated location. 
    1. Attendees will be responsible for travel, motel, etc. while attending the two full days of training. (8 hr days)--Lunch will be provided during the training. 
  4. Attendees will leave with 1 liter of Coating level 2 Commercial grade. (value of $2,000+), presentation materials, MSDS sheets, etc. 
  5. Attendees will learn in depth details concerning the different patent pending formulas for the various Pure-Light Coatings and how to apply them to various materials, including tile, wood, glass, metal, solar panels, paint, etc. 
    • Learn how to properly clean the various materials to receive the various coatings.  
    • Hands on techniques to properly coat surfaces. 
    • The differences between the different formulas and the 5 levels of protection. 
    • Basic concepts + Do's and Don'ts of commercial selling of the Pure-Light System. 
    • Understanding the PLT backoffice, how to put in orders, check shipping, etc. 
    • Certified Distributors-Applicators also get annual training updates, first look at new PLT products, opportunities to advance into PLT global leadership, and other bonuses. 
    1. They will also be qualified to train others in their own organization/business upon having such persons submit an NDA and other required paperwork.
  6. Attendees understand that Pure-Light Corporate will be inspecting the quality of their coating work from time to time as part of the PLT Commercial Quality Control Program.     
    • Cost varies according to location and number of individuals/groups to be trained.  Check with PLT Corporate for current pricing for your location.  
    • Current Minmum pricing as of April 1, 2021 .... for 1 training is $4500 in the continental US. 
    • Note: Pricing is expected to rise to $10,000--$30,000 during 2nd half of 2021-2022. 
For more information please contact PLT customer service at 208-252-5996.
COM US --Temporary Pricing--CCS2 To Become Certified Commercial Medical Coating Specialist - Normally $12,500.00
COM US --Temporary Pricing--CCS2 To Become Certified Commercial Medical Coating Specialist - Normally $12,500.00
SKU: PL/T-Commercial Training - CCS2
$8,500.00 $8,500.00
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