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07/21/2021 - Phil Ruggieri Bio

Phil Ruggieri

CEO Pure-Light Technologies, Inc. 

Phil is an alumnus of IBM and venture capital, with extensive experience in managing global profit centers in advanced technology, delivering multi-billion-dollar revenue and profits. His experience spans international executive management, finance, and board governance. His experience combines large scale business management with experience in Investment Banking, Venture Capital and Community Service.

Phil serves as the Chairman of the Intergalactic Development Group – an Advanced Technology Investment and Solutions Engineering incubator. IDG is developing Smart/Safe Global Communities, in multiple locations. Each project includes advanced design and advanced technologies, spanning Healthcare/Wellness, Infrastructure, AI/Cognitive systems, predictive security, all built upon patented technology.

Phil takes an active executive role in key investment companies. Accordingly, Phil is the CEO of PLT, Pure-Light Technologies. PLT is developing solutions that deliver a very bright future for people - where they live, work, learn and play.

Phil has expertise in multinational Finance, both Corporate and Investment-related. He ran international Treasury Operations for IBM in Europe and Asia, and he has working knowledge of complex financial structures. He has provided executive and board leadership to advanced technology ventures in Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Energy, Telecommunications, and multi-layer cognitive security. He managed multi-billion dollar profit centers in each sector, spanning the complete value chain, across Development, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Delivery.  He has launched joint ventures, and served on corporate boards, spanning Media, Security, Telecom, Energy, and Smart Cities.

Phil’s track record of managing large profit centers with a diverse team, spans countries in all regions. His team grew revenue and profit, demonstrating that diversity yields success. He also managed the financial and organizational restructuring of IBM businesses in the US and overseas. This helped yield a ten-fold increase in market value.

Serving the community, Phil joined the Commission on Modeling, Simulation and Training, as well as the Economic Development Board in Florida.

He has served on the board of Special Olympics Florida for 25 years, where he was Chairman of the Board. During his tenure, the Special Olympics increased its inclusion by 500%, with synchronized growth in contributions to support this expanded outreach. Mr. Ruggieri was voted into the Special Olympics Hall of Fame.

Phil is a founder of SP2, “Special People and Special Pets”.

Phil attended Fordham University in New York, from Fordham Prep to undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Finance. He lives in Central Florida with his family.