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07/20/2021 - Carol McCarthy Bio

Carol spent a lifetime starting and operating companies and assisting others to do the same. Highly organized and effective, she is effective at visionary creation, team management, systems origination and implementation.
Her primary purpose in life is to empower others to fulfill their dreams and live a life they love.
Carol utilized her organizational skills and hard work ethic to co-found, design, and operate a string of small animal hospitals and an exceptionally active large animal practice that serviced one of the largest thoroughbred farms in the world. Due to her visionary business philosophy, she pioneered as one of the first small animal practices in the country to computerize and operated the very first large animal practice to utilize computer programming. She also marketed innovative medically based animal and human technologies and managed teams to do the same.

Carol’s disciplined approach to life resulted from her lifelong equestrian activities. Competing at the age of 6 and teaching at 17, she spent most of her life training, teaching, and riding for Olympic or Olympic level competitors.
In alignment with her commitment to excellence and personal performance, Carol founded an educational non-profit organization that taught young people take 100% responsibility for the results they produce. The award-winning program was executed in public schools and inner-city venues.
Carol served as a board member for numerous organizations. She also invested in real estate and rental properties.