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An Amazing and Revolutionary Technology that is changing the World

TRY THEM FOR YOURSELF... and see why Thousands are saying.."These bulbs are AMAZING!!"  

PROTECT your Home, Family, Business from Deadly GERMS, Harmful MOLD, Noxious OdorsKilling CIGARETTE SMOKECancer causing CHEMICALS/PESTICIDES... and much more.  

Most people even $$Save Money on their Electric Bills each month with these "Next Generation/Future Technology" LED bulbs. 

You have nothing to lose with Pure-Light's 100% Money Back Guarantee. (we have a 99.97% customer satisfaction guarantee rating)

Dr. Recommended, already being used in thousands of Homes, Businesses,  Schools, Government buildings, Day-Care centers, Assisted living facilities, Medical facilities, Restaurants...and the list goes on, and on, and on...  

Helps Eliminate Dangerous and Deadly Chemicals from the Air
Including Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and Pesticides.
Helps Eliminate Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution
Helps eliminate Smog and Heavy Hydrocarbons.
Helps Eliminate Harmful and Deadly Germs
This includes such hard to kill Germs such as MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and more - (see our Lab Studies tab.)
Helps Eliminate Mold and Mold Odors
Incredibly, PLT bulbs help eliminate Mold and those musty mold odors.
Helps Plants Grow Faster and Healthier
Plants Love our Pure-Light technology which helps them grow faster and last longer.  It is simply amazing.
Helps Eliminate Smoke
Including cigarette and cigar smoke, tobacco odors, burnt food smoke and odors. ELIMINATE 2ND HAND SMOKE!!  (If you have a smoker in your house... you will love these bulbs!)
Helps Eliminate Odors
Say NO to Pet Odors, including the dreaded--kitty litter box, dog stink, bathroom/dirty diape, bad sneaker odors...even burned fish and skunk odors!

Pure-Light Technologies was formed in 2014 after helping to develop a transparent coating of a new formulation of Super Oxygen Technology. This technology has been around for a long time but our revolutionary process and application of is changing the way we look at light and lightbulbs. Our Pure Light Technology® is complex but is based on NASA technology that is used on the International Space Station. Pure Light has taken that technology, improved it, and made it affordable here on Earth! And our Pure Light Technology® does not use UV light or impact the Ozone.

Proven results, 20+ years research, Lab & Field Studies, Doctor recommended...already being used in schools-Assisted Living Facilities-Government buildings-Health Facilities. Join the thousands who are raving about these "amazing" Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® Technology Products.

Neutralizes contaminants at the molecular level...

When you have a Pure-Light® bulb turned on in your home or business you're providing another line of defense against a whole host of undesirable pathogens such as deadly germs and mold, chemicals and deadly gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and pesticides. Our Pure-Light® bulb neutralizes contaminants at the molecular level!

Pure-Light Technologies mission is to introduce this new technology into homes and businesses that strive for superior environmental cleanliness. In addition to the lab studies currently available on our website plans are in place to quantify the specific influence that a Pure-Light coated bulb can have on the air and surfaces in a room. To date thousands of individuals across the United States have been satisfied by the bulbs we provide.

Learn More About Our Technology

The 7 Functions of Pure Light Technology®

1. Helps Eliminate Odors - pet odors, chemical smells, cooking odors, even skunk odors.

2. Helps Eliminate Mold and Mold Odors - even the musty mold odors.

3. Helps Eliminate Harmful and Deadly Germs - Flu & Cold germs, MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella - see the lab studies tab.

4. Helps Eliminate Smoke - Cigarette and Cigar Smoke, tobacco odors, burnt food smoke odor.

5. Helps Eliminate Dangerous and Deadly Chemicals from the air including Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and Pesticides.

6. Helps Eliminate indoor and outdoor Air Pollution such as Smog and heavy hydrocarbons.

7. Helps plants grow Faster and Healthier - plants love us!